Fresh on the network, The King of dogs has arrived on Solana!

King Myro has arrived on chain, Solana's Founder's dog is to be crowned on the moon when he arrives. Boasting weekly raffles to give back to his servants, a PvP gambling system which the $KING oversees & much more to offer down the line, purchasing tokens from him is a no brainer.

Purchase (Raydium) Chart

King Myro | $KING

Roadmap & Tokenomics


No Fees!

$KING has no greed, his servants can buy and sell at no fee whatsoever!

  • Launch the King Myro token on the Solana network in January 2024, upon launch implement a marketing push straight away no waiting around. Burn the LP and intorduce our weekly community events.

  • Shortly after launch our ecosystem will begin consisting of a PVP Gambling system, A MEV Bot free to use to holders only - paid for non-holders, A incubation system for other projects which a % will be used for buybacks & a whole lot more.

  • This involves branching out to primarily asia, bringing in a new wave of holders and opportunities for the token to grow.

  • Not just weekly raffles, but events where interaction is worth it for everyone involved and in turn will grow the community larger.

  • $KING being listed on exchanges is the main push we need to send the token to the stratosphere.

$KING put into numbers

Lottery Rewards

$0+ As of 13th January 2024

Market Cap

$00,000,000+ As of 13th January 2024


0+ As of 13th January 2024

Get Started

How To Buy $KING Tokens

You will want to download Phantom. This wallet is the best for the Solana chain. You can use other wallets such as MetaMask however Phantom is easy to use.

Use an exchange such as Binance to purchase SOL, after purchase withdraw the tokens from the exchange into your wallet via the address given in your wallet

Click here to be redirected to Radyium where you can connect your wallet and exchange your BNB for $KING.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, liquidity was burned just after release.

Lotteries will be drawn on a bi-weekly basis (Sundays). There will be a new prize every week. It will vary from tokens, gift cards & Solana rewards.

Yes, most of which is layed out however a PDF version is available HERE.

Yes, $KING will be listed on major exchanges as soon as possible. (certain CEX's require x volume, market cap etc etc)